OnTime Group Calendar

The dynamic group calendar for all Lotus Notes users

OnTime Group Calendar - The dynamic group calendar for all Lotus Notes users.
In large organizations it is often a constant source of irritation that information about appointments and meetings are hidden away in personal calendars. Getting a clear picture of available personnel and resources results in a more effective organization and ultimately saves time and money.

Lotus Notes Group Calendar Interface
OnTime Group Calendar
Such an overview requires an effective solution. On Time extends the functionality of the existing Lotus Notes standard calendar, giving you a dynamic group calendar.

A license for On Time allows the organization to create as many group calendars as is needed within the organization. Individual group calendars can represent a group consisting of the members of a small project group and up to the entire enterprise.

The user can of course access group calendars through the standard Notes client or a web browser. Where available the group calendars can also be accessed using WAP enabled devices

Web Group Calendar Interface
OnTime Group Calendar Web Interface

OnTime Group Calendar includes a rich set of features including

  • Updated within seconds after a user has made a change in the personal calendar.
  • New users are automatically added to the system (can be based on information in Organization database).
  • Users can be a member of several calendars and this can be automatically maintained.
  • Uses native Domino server tasks.
  • System architecture ensures minimum strain on server resources.
  • No limit on number of users per calendar and calendars can be implemented across servers.
  • Web and WAP supported.
  • Available for both 24 hour and AM/PM formats.
  • Who is on vacation?–The user can see other employee ’s vacation plans in graphical views.
  • Centrally managed Holiday module included.
  • Requires no modifications of the standard mail template.
  • Supports company specific fields added to calendar form.
  • Supports off-line use.
  • Integrated with SMS servers (requires additional software) to deliver time critical messages.
  • Integration options for relational databases available.
  • Includes views of both team members and resources.